Welcome on the site of the great dane kennel de Sainte audru.

Since more than twenty years, we are crazy about the charm of this Appollo of the canine gent. Noble, beautifull, good and calm companion, without any badness, this dog is a real member of the family. You must know that a great dane will prefer a comfortable sofa than a kennel. This dog is so distant with a stranger (a little barking will simply freeze him!) but is really a brave gentle big dog full of love with its family.

In 1995 we became "breeders" by passion (eventhough this is a so great term!). We are now recognized by the Royal Society Saint-Hubert and by the Belgian Great Dane Club (CBDA/BDDC). Our puppies are bred in the family. We have only few breders and only one or two nests by year. Guarantee of quality, our "family" breeding will deliver your future companion with an official pedigree, tattooing and a guarantee to live many years of happiness.

On this site, you will learn to know us and our great family. This family which will perhaps be yours if you choose one of our pups. And if you enter this great family of de Sainte audru, this site will remain a place of meeting and contact with the other lovers of great danes and owners of dogs from our breeding.

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